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No set-up fee

Why would you pay a company twice in order to use their services? Billing you once to use PledgeManager and then sneaking in a second charge for just getting you set up on our system is simply not how we do business.

Flat rate per backer

With our per-backer billing, you can build in your PledgeManager costs in to your pledge levels. This allows you to manage your project budget easier and make sure you are able to watch your bottom line numbers accurately and with confidence.


Your Brand Identity

You've worked hard to build your project's brand and image. Why use a service that won't help you reflect that? Our system allows us to integrate your logos, brand colors, fonts, and tone into your pledge flow. We fade into the background and let your brand shine. If you don't notice us, we've done our job right.

Configured for your project reward variant and shipping needs

Every project is different. Your project may be shipping small goods, large goods, or somewhere in between goods. Your project may allow your backers to customize their rewards. The team behind PledgeManager has worked with a number of projects to make sure their shipping and customization needs are met in our tool. Don't let your pledge fulfillment software be a restriction.


Endorsed by the highest funded and most backed Kickstarter projects of their time

Let PledgeManager's experience with high-volume, complex projects make your project's final few steps to success be even stronger and smoother than you thought possible. We stay in step with you to give you the reports, numbers and tools to make the right decisions in order to hit the gas one more time before you start shipping your product.

Offers a 360° world-class experience for you and your backers

We know how to make sure your pledge fulfillment process runs as smooth as possible. We'll consult with you on how best to set up your data, pledge levels, even what days are best to send out emails to your backers to get the best results. When you work with us, you're working with real, live humans - actual people who are personally invested in crowdfunding and who want to see your project finish strong.


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