What makes us different?

We are you. We are backers, creators, gamers, gadget lovers, artists, and passionate about helping you be successful.

We do it for you

You don't have to be an expert at configuring a complex logistics tool in order to perfectly support your backers. We do the work so you can do the fun stuff.

White-label design

Your brand is important, and you should maintain control over it. Your backers’ experience is wrapped entirely in your branding and hosted on your own personalized URL.

Flat Fees

Who wants to guess what it's going to cost you to support your backers post-campaign? Because our per-backer fee is flat - you can bake it right into your rewards. It makes budgeting a breeze!

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We stay behind the scenes by design so you can shine out front! Your tools shouldn't steal your spotlight or use your backers’ data to push and promote their own services.

Incredible Backer Experience


PledgeManager provides countless ways for you to customize your messaging and backer experience to streamline the post-campaign transition.


PledgeManager makes it easy to match and reinforce your branding and build on the brand recognition you've worked so hard to cultivate.


With PledgeManager your data is completely isolated. We never use your backer data to sell other services or market for other creators.

Smooth Fulfillment

PledgeManager makes gathering and validating your fulfillment data super easy. Backers can follow along with fulfillment every step of the way.

Mobile Forward

More than half of your backers will be using their phones or other mobile devices to complete their survey. PledgeManager has you covered.

Digital Fulfillment

PledgeManager has built-in tools to allow you to deliver digital files, unique codes, and referral links to backers directly at checkout.

All In One Place

PledgeManager creates a unified portal that allows your backers to access their pledge, share a pre-order link, check package tracking, or get support all in one place!


Our entire platform is built to make the experience as smooth and simple as possible for you and your backers. We support your backers at no additional charge. That's how confident we are.

The Nitty-Gritty

Our pricing is simple. Our success is tied to your success, so we only want to make money when we help YOU make money. That's how it should be.

0% from your project

You read that right.

We do NOT take a percentage from your project. We didn't stay up for hours and hours answering backer questions and comments…YOU did. You earned your campaign funds and you should keep them.

Flat .25c per-backer fee *

Whether your campaign raised $1000 or $10,000,000 with 1000 backers, your per-backer fees are exactly the same.

A flat per-backer fee ensures your post-campaign support will be there for you and isn't based on your campaign’s size or success.

Flat Fee on Transactions

We only want to make money when we help you make money.

Our fee structure is designed to only charge a fee on transactions that occur within PledgeManager.


* Some project configurations may modify the standard per-backer fee. If you contact prior to launching your project we can help mitigate any modifications to your per-backer fee.

** You may qualify for an additional discount depending on your project configuration and backer count. Contact us for more information.

Did someone refer you to us? Let us know! If they're an active PledgeManager customer, you may qualify for additional discounts.

Have questions? We have answers!